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Derek King CMO & Palmer Alexander III CEO discussing the future of N The Zone Network

I have a question for you.

Have you ever brought an idea to a boss or to a company and thought hey this could help or I might have something that could save you some money? You'd think that they would help you out or give some recognition right?

I have prided myself and our team as writers and sports reporters at N The Zone Network to give the proper professional courtesy that comes with the territory. It doesn't matter who it is or what the situation is.

The fact that someone cannot or will not give the proper professional courtesy to another writer or talent due to that person not being well known or have ESPN next to their name is disturbing and frankly it pisses me off.

I have been writing and reporting on the NFL, St. Louis, Rams, Chargers, situation for well over a year now either independently or with N The Zone Network. I have made connections with some of the biggest names in the sports reporting world to pick their brains and to discuss my thoughts on the subject names like Howard Balzer, Maurice Drummond, Frank Cusamano, Tom Ackerman, Randy Karraker, Tim McKernan just to name a few.

Myself and Howard Balzer talking about NFL history

I have reached out to numerous agencies and municipalities over the last year and a half doing due diligence on the STL-NFL lawsuit. I have gotten in contact with the cities of Cleveland, Houston, L.A. Oakland, San Diego, Baltimore and St. Louis just to name a few who have suffered through relocation to go through their legal documents and discuss the St. Louis lawsuit and what that could mean in legal ramifications for the NFL and Enos Stanley Kroenke. I've said on N The Zone Network programming and other podcasts that I have been a guest on along with talking with folks either in person or through email that the NFL is in and has been in serious trouble with this STL lawsuit. I have said it for over a year.

I became discouraged to be honest, all the hard work and no payoff, constantly being dismissed by the "big boys" on radio, print and TV as just another guy with a blog that has no idea what he's talking about.

Let me tell you something, I do know, I know a hell of a lot more than most people in the industry because I have busted my ass, made the phone calls talked to people in the know that have given me private information and for those who ask "Who is your source?" "You have no idea if you don't reveal your source." I'll stop you right there, my sources have complete autonomy and they trust me not to out them because it WILL cost them their jobs or worse. I have given them that protection and they have shown me the faith to continue to tell me information because I protect my sources. I had to walk away out of frustration, until recently.

Meeting and greeting fans at the first XFL Fan event in St. Charles

As John Wick said, "People keep asking if I'm back and I haven't really had an answer but, yeah, I'm thinking I'm back!"

You're damn right I'm back!

No more Mr. Nice Guy, you want to address our work, you want to refer to me or N The Zone Network as just a "Guy with a Blog shooting off his mouth" "Just a little podcast, who cares." or to tell us that we need to "Do our homework." Trust me when I say this, we at N The Zone Network have done our homework and we are willing to backup our work.

N The Zone Network COO Arlington "The A-Train" Lane talking with fans about the upcoming XFL team in St. Louis

We want to let the sports reporting world to know that we are here and we are here to stay.

We are continuing to build on original programming such as:

*The Color of Baseball Hosted by Maurice Drummond coming in 2020

* N The Cards Hosted by Ron Nuttall

* The Derek King Sports Show hosted by Derek King

* Alliance 2 XFL Show

* N The Zone Show

* cAArds talk Podcast with Mattinals Spring 2020

* The Price Check hosted by Josh Price

* Sports with Ashley hosted by Ashley Wright

These shows are just the beginning of what we have planned at the Network over the next few months. We want to bring you the listener, reader and viewer that absolute best programming that we can bring you with the fan in mind.

What we want is to be acknowledged from the "big boys" when we report a news story that breaks news in the sports world. We want to be recognized by name N The Zone Network that's what we want. The proper professional courtesy that is warranted. No more mentioning us as anything but, N The Zone Network.

I encourage YOU to follow us on Twitter @NTZNetwork on Facebook

Let's show everyone that the N The Zone Network matters. We can do this together.

Thank you very much for you time and I hope to see you again!

Derek King


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