This Is The XFL!

Here is what we know so far,

8 teams start in 2020

Most likely Eastern Division

St. Louis

New York

Tampa Bay

Washington DC

Most likely Western Division

Los Angeles




I think back to NFL in 1980 where you had,

NFC East

New York Giants

Washington Redskins

St. Louis Cardinals

Dallas Cowboys

Philadelphia Eagles

NFC Central

Chicago Bears

Detroit Lions

Minnesota Vikings

Green Bay Packers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NFC West

LA Rams

Atlanta Falcons

San Francisco 49ers

New Orleans Saints

AFC East

New England Patriots

Baltimore Colts

Buffalo Bills

Miami Dolphins

New York Jets

AFC Central

Houston Oilers

Cleveland Browns

Cincinnati Bengals

Pittsburgh Steelers

AFC West

Oakland Raiders

San Diego Chargers

Kansas City Chiefs

Denver Broncos

Seattle Seahawks

My thoughts are, and this is just from looking at history from when the NFL was at its pinnacle from my opinion, was a system that worked. Everyone was bought in, every major market had a team to root for and life was good, until the NFL became greedy.

Just in the last couple of days we've had 4 teases dropped by the XFL as to what the team artwork/names could be.

Now we could go round and round about who or what these items mean but, I think it's just fun talking about it.

Isn't that what its all about?

Fans excited about a different pro football league than the corrupt NFL and their money scheming ways whereas the NFL has no issue with leaving fans holding the bag after a team/NFL has bled a fan base dry of any potential revenue we have the XFL coming in to rejuvenate football fans around the nation to a new idea of professional football outside of the corrupt NFL and their carpet-bagging owners.

Truth is, Vince McMahon was visionary back in 2001 with the XFL then. Unfortunately he didn't have the monetary support that was necessary to succeed, that and he tried to go head to head with the NFL. He has learned a very valuable lesson, don't go mono a mono with the 800 pound gorilla in the room unless you want an ass whoopin' like you wouldn't believe. He has learned, wisely, to differentiate yourself from the competition. Become what people wish the NFL would be. Be innovative but, if it ain't broke, don't fix the damn thing! This has been the crux of the NFL's current issues. The NFL cannot get out of it's own way. When an entity has no direct competition (same thing can be said about the WWE) those entities become complacent. That is what has happened to the NFL and the time to strike a visceral blow is now.

Oliver Luck XFL Commissioner

The XFL sits in a moment in time where we will look back in 10-15 years and say to ourselves "That was when the tables turned" The job of XFL brass is to be anti-NFL be everything for the true fans of football that the NFL has dismissed. Ingratiate your brand to the fans and show them that the XFL is all about the fans and what they want to see. Don't be the NFL, be everything the NFL isn't.

Going forward I truly do feel that NFL is in serious trouble with the XFL. Fans have been screwed by the NFL for years and now fans will have an alternative to the NFL that is more affordable, family friendly, and more in tune to the needs and desires of it's fan base.

I am personally excited for the competition that this will bring, the options it will bring to the fans. I hope you are excited for it.


Are you ready for some football?!

Derek King


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